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Javier Villaneuva

I started off working for non-profits, then teaching at charter schools in marginalized communities throughout Chicago, Oakland, CA and Portland, Oregon. My passion for learning, teaching and history is undeniable, but I was struggling financially, so I began moonlighting as a bartender just to make ends meet, and unexpectedly fell madly in love with every aspect of the bar business. For my squad and I, it is about so much more than making a great cocktail. It’s about memories, music, history and sharing those moments, ensuring you embrace the present, reflect on the past and securing a bright future. Javier is the President/Historian for The Wildflower Squad which is Bartending Service for Private Events as well as offering consulting for Bar owners.

Smooth Crimson

An amateur wrestler, with big dreams of becoming a theater director, once lived on ...

The Daiquiri

Unlike so many cocktails, most cocktail historians agree on the creator of the daiquiri, ...

Poison Ivy

Meet Poison Ivy! Ivy lived isolated, because most people feared and disliked her, for ...

Rye So Serious! | Roll With It

(The story may not be true, the drink is fantastic.)

The Martinez | A Classic

This incredible classic cocktail originates between 1860’s – 1870’s, and consists of gin, sweet ...

Cūstradamus | A Fun and Refreshing Patio Pounder!

Inspired by Nostradamus, because after you’ve enjoyed one, or seven you will be able ...

Cheers to Dr. Octavius!

Mildly smokey with a smooth ginger habanero finish!

Meet Alfred! Cocktail Recipe by Javier Villaneuva of the Wildflower Squad

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic The Birds Featuring: 2 oz Gin mare .5 ...

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