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    New Information Paints Terrifying Picture In North Aurora Dog Attack

    Terrifying new details have emerged regarding the May 12 dog attack in North Aurora that sent a child and an adult male to the hospital, the former with severe injuries.

    Those details, provided by the North Aurora Police Department, describe a family literally under siege by a ferocious animal that had lost control.

    Police have discovered that, prior to officers arriving at the 200 block of Hidden Creek Lane on the west side of North Aurora Thursday evening, the dog had already attacked the six-year-old boy, causing severe injuries. While freeing the boy, his mother also received injuries, in this case to her hands.

    At that point the dog began attacking the owner.

    …the dog appeared from around a corner covered in blood.

    When officers arrived on scene, the enraged dog was actively attacking his owner inside the residence, which was locked.

    First, with the help of North Aurora Fire Department personnel, a two-year-old boy was rescued through a bedroom window. He was not injured.

    Then the front door was breeched to rescue the dog’s owner, an adult male. Simultaneously, the garage entry door was breeched and the dog appeared from around a corner covered in blood.

    Due to a fear that the dog would attack the officer as well as fire department personnel in the garage or numerous onlookers in the neighborhood, the officer fired four rounds from his duty pistol, striking the dog.

    The dog retreated and was later found alive under a bed. The dog was later removed by an Aurora Animal Control officer.

    Both the six-year-old boy (not a resident of that location) and the dog’s owner were transported to an area hospital before later being transferred to separate Chicago area hospitals. Their conditions are unknown at this time.

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