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    Four for the Weekend | November 26-29, 2021

    Welcome to our latest edition of Fox Valley Magazine’s


    where it’s Christmas after Memorial Day!

    So let’s get to it, starting with…..

    It’s Beginning To Look…

    …a lot like CHRISTMAS, BABY!

    Not sure we’ve mentioned it before, but we are ALL IN on Christmas.

    If we didn’t have families and colleagues holding us back, we’d start celebrations just after Memorial Day.

    (Don’t laugh. There are places in the Philippines that start Christmas in July. You could look it up.)

    Anyway, the next few 4FTW’s are gonna be heavy on the jolly old elf and other Christmas treasures, so buckle up!

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    Lights, Lights Everywhere

    The first REAL weekend of Christmas is traditionally marked by two sacred rituals:

    Lights, and Black Friday.

    No, it’s true! It’s a little-known historical fact that after the Pilgrims and Native Americans finished their feast, they headed off to Macy’s to grad some bling, cheap!

    (The 1619 Project’s got nuthin’ on me.)

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    And Maybe A Little Santa

    Now, a lot of miserable old scrooges always try to throw shade at Santa making all these appearances and having “workshops” all over the place.

    “C’mon,” these lousy bastards always say, “Santa couldn’t possibly keep that kind of schedule. And aren’t the ‘elves’ supposed to be making all the stuff up north anyway? I’ll bet they aren’t evening unionized!”

    Well sod off, swampy! Have you ever heard of “supply chains” and “local sourcing?” Santa is a modern kinda dude, and he has embraced local sourcing both as a societal good and to lessen the strain on his transportation system (nine reindeer). Get with the program!

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    And Finally…

    Since there are so many events happening this week and next, we thought we’d put them all in once place each week.

    Here’s a list of events this weekend.

    If you happen to irresponsibly delete this email, shame on you. But also, you can follow all the Christmas doings in the “Merry Christmas!” section of the website:

    Merry Christmas! Archives – Fox Valley Magazine

    Ho, ho, ho!

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    Kind of a perfect post-Thanksgiving weekend, really. Looks like zero precipitation is in the offing, and temperatures will hover between 25 and 40 all weekend. As ever, plan accordingly.

    If, for whatever reason, none of our fabulous four events doesn’t pop your cork, we’ll be very insulted. However, all hope is not lost. Simply go to www.foxvalleymagazine.com and check out our A+E and Events sections for other ideas.

    Finally, please do us a favor. We would be eternally grateful if you could share this with some of your unsuspecting family, friends and neighbors. We’d also appreciate some love on our Facebook page (see below). Ok, technically it’s a “LIKE,” but don’t be pedantic. Also, that’s actually two favors. We’ll owe you.

    Thanks for reading. Until next time…OH!  One more thing.  If you’re reading this via the website and would like to have this emailed to you bright and early every Friday morning, please SUBSCRIBE!

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