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    APD Releases Full Footage Of Controversial Traffic Stop And Arrest (Video)

    The Aurora Police Department has released the squad video of a traffic stop last Friday afternoon after a portion of the incident appeared on social media over the weekend, causing an uproar over allegations of police brutality. That footage, captured via a cell phone, depicted the end of the confrontation, wherein the police officers are seen physically restraining the driver of the car and its passenger in order to take them into custody.

    In a lengthy statement on its social media page, the APD defended the officers’ behavior, providing what it considers to be a more accurate and complete description of the events that day. Here is a portion of that description:

    During the course of the traffic stop, the officer learned the driver had an active arrest warrant. The driver was asked to step out of the vehicle, but she refused. Backup units arrived on the scene and ordered the driver out of the vehicle, but she continued to refuse. She eventually exited the vehicle, but actively resisted arrest. While she was resisting, she struck one of the officers in the chest and tried to get a grip on one of the officer’s necks. Shortly thereafter, she was taken to the ground and taken into custody.

    While the officers were on the ground with the driver, the 16-year-old passenger jumped out of the car through the driver’s door and attempted to get his arm around the male officer’s neck. The officer pushed the teenager back and attempted to grab him to take him into custody. The officer pulled his taser from his holster and activated the front laser, a de-escalation feature of the taser device. The taser was pointed at the 16-year-old, but never fired and the 16-year-old immediately began to comply by laying on his stomach. He was taken into custody without further incident.

    The driver, a 20-year-old female resident of Aurora, was arrested on the active warrant without further incident.

    Here is the entirety of the squad video.

    (Provided by the Aurora Police Department. Sound is included.)

    The release points out that the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office has reviewed the facts and evidence of the incident and has authorized the following additional charges against the driver: Aggravated Battery Against a Police Officer (Class 2 Felony) Resisting or Obstructing a Police Officer (Class 4 Felony) Unlawful Possession of Cannabis by Driver (Misdemeanor).

    The 16-year-old teenager was also charged by the KCSAO with the following felony charges: Aggravated Battery Against a Police Officer Resisting or Obstructing a Police Officer.

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    • Frank

      Thank God for our police. Did everything by the numbers. Very professional.

      • Lisa

        They broke her window & arrested her without saying why – how is that by the numbers? We all saw “Warrent” but the officer NEVER told her – just that her plate was out and all of a sudden they are breaking her window when she is confused? C’mon – this is lame of them – be forthcoming, they tried to arrest he without saying why – for all she knew it was about the front plates?!?

        • MP

          Bullshit you must be a friend!! Lol

    • Marie

      Wow… Why can’t some folk just listen, do what’s asked… And the teenager, wants to use physical force on the unsuspecting officer.. Sad state of affairs we are all observing ..

      • Lisa

        Why didn’t the cop just say why??? They acted like they were breaking the window for the front plate?!?!? C’mon – just be honest with people and maybe htis would not happen they were scared.

    • Lisa

      Why didn’t the cop just say why??? They acted like they were breaking the window for the front plate?!?!? C’mon – just be honest with people and maybe htis would not happen they were scared.

    • Frank

      Police ask you to do something reasonable than you just do it. If you think it’s unreasonable than lodge a complaint later. Arguing with the police after being stopped is not the place to do that. Just comply with the instructions and things will go right. Some people have just been watching too much utube and think they can do the same thing and resist. The ends don’t justify the means. Once you resist the officer’s instruction you are in trouble and life for awhile will not go well as you can see. Respect the police and complain later if you have an issue.

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