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    Four for the Weekend | June 4 – 6, 2021

    Welcome to our latest edition of Fox Valley Magazine’s


     where alien abductions absolutely never hap…

    So let’s get to it, starting with…..

    Party in the Park

    Look, there is a LOT going on in the Fox Valley this weekend.

    But if you ask us (and we know you’re dying to), going out to one of, if not THE, first outdoor concerts of the summer has got to be a priority.

    And the good news is you’ve got three choices, since each evening will bring a new band to Mundy Park in Aurora as part of the The Venue’s Grand Re-opening.

    So go get Blotto! (Ok, that was obligatory given the name of the first band. We at 4FTW do not condone public drunkenness. Unless we are directly involved.)

    Click here for more.

    I Laughed, I Cried…It Moved Me, Bob

    (The title is a little inside joke for Veggie Tale fans. If you’ve never seen Veggie Tales, you need to go out and get one right now. We’ll wait….)

    OK, that reference really has nothing to do with this post, other than both Veggie Tales and Michael Quezada are both hilarious.

    So it works. So there.

    Click here for more.

    Going Dutch In Elgin

    No, it’s not what you think.

    We’re moving into high-brow territory here, which is well above our pay grade. (Right. Chuck E Cheese is above our pay grade.)

    Anyway, this is an art festival dedicated to the promotion of female artists of all kinds – music, theatre, visual arts, you name it.

    So if you want to lap up some culture, this is the place to be.

    Click here for more.

    The Editor Bail-Out

    So here’s the thing.

    There are a gazillion things going on this weekend – it may be the busiest weekend of the summer, to be honest. And while we know that it’s our job at 4FTW to narrow it all down into 4 “happenings,” this week we just couldn’t.

    So, here’s a list of places to go and see that has something to satisfy damned near anybody.

    Ain’t it great to live in such a place?

    Click here for more.

    Your weekly weather advisory indicates nothing but sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s. Plan accordingly.

    If, for whatever reason, none of our fabulous four events doesn’t pop your cork, we’ll be very insulted. However, all hope is not lost. Simply go to www.foxvalleymagazine.com and check out our A+E and Events sections for other ideas.

    Finally, please do us a favor. We would be eternally grateful if you could share this with some of your unsuspecting family, friends and neighbors. We’d also appreciate some love on our Facebook page (see below). Ok, technically it’s a “LIKE,” but don’t be pedantic. Also, that’s actually two favors. We’ll owe you.

    Thanks for reading. Until next time…OH!  One more thing.  If you’re reading this via the website and would like to have this emailed to you bright and early every Friday morning, please SUBSCRIBE!


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