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    Four for the Weekend | May 28 – 31, 2021

    Welcome to our latest edition of Fox Valley Magazine’s


    where in honor of the solemnity of Memorial Day
    we’re going to play it straight.

    So let’s get to it, starting with…..

    Memorial Day Observances in the Fox Valley

    Sure, Memorial Day is a day that marks the unofficial beginning of summer. And in 2021, that means even more.

    But it does us well to remember the real purpose for the day. Remembering those brave men and women who have given their lives that we may live in freedom.

    We’ll be taking a bit out of the weekend festivities to participate in one (or more) of these righteous events. We hope you will too.

    Click here for more.

    Art Takes Center Stage in St. Charles

    Man, the next couple of weekends are all about art in the Fox Valley.

    This weekend, of course, but next weekend you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an art festival somewhere.

    (Ok, that was uncalled for. But hey, we’re dog people.)

    You should check this out, though. Looks like it’s gonna be special.

    Click here for more.

    Life’s a Beach!

    It’s a cliche. Got it. Sue us.

    But we’ve been kinda amazed at the response when we first posted news about the various beach re-openings around the area.

    (Here‘s one in Batavia if that’s more convenient for you.)

    But summer is here, the weather looks like it’s gonna be spectacular (at least Sunday and Monday), and it’s time to get some tans and Vitamin D. Surf’s up!

    (It’s a cliche. Got it. Sue us.)

    Click here for more.

    MS Fundraiser Hosted By Copper Fox

    Ok, we do this rarely, but a serious pitch: you should go to this.

    Yes, you’ll be supporting a great cause. Yes, you’ll get to hang at the newest “it” place in the glorious city of Geneva.

    But most of all, you’ll get to chow down on some of the best cuisine in the entire region. So it’s not all sackcloth and ashes. You get a pretty sweet deal out of this yourself.

    Click here for more.

    Your weekly weather advisory (which, we admit, has been a little sketchy recently) indicates that Friday is a wash (but perfect for a glorious meal and a good cause – see above), but the rest of the long weekend is pretty nice. Plan accordingly.

    If, for whatever reason, none of our fabulous four events doesn’t pop your cork, we’ll be very insulted. However, all hope is not lost. Simply go to www.foxvalleymagazine.com and check out our A+E and Events sections for other ideas.

    Finally, please do us a favor. We would be eternally grateful if you could share this with some of your unsuspecting family, friends and neighbors. We’d also appreciate some love on our Facebook page (see below). Ok, technically it’s a “LIKE,” but don’t be pedantic. Also, that’s actually two favors. We’ll owe you.

    Thanks for reading. Until next time…OH!  One more thing.  If you’re reading this via the website and would like to have this emailed to you bright and early every Friday morning, please SUBSCRIBE!


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