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    Sugar Grove Distributor Driver Fights Off Armed Vehicle Hijacker

    As the saying goes, heroes don’t always wear capes.

    On Friday morning at approximately 6:40am, an unidentified man was making a delivery of alcoholic beverages to a Sugar Grove business t 11 Waubonsee Drive when his day took an abrupt turn for the worse.

    Upon arriving back to his truck, the driver was met by an armed intruder in the cab. The intruder, brandishing what police termed a “semi-automatic handgun,” handcuffed the driver, put clothing over his head so that he could not see, stole his cellphone and attempted to drive the truck with him in the passenger seat.

    The intruder, however, was apparently unfamiliar with driving such a truck and could not move it. Meanwhile, the driver had successfully extricated himself from the handcuffs, prompting the intruder to jump out of the truck and flee. The driver then got behind the wheel and tried to escape.

    He was chased, however, by another vehicle onto Route 47. The chasing vehicle pulled along side the delivery truck and fired a shot into the driver’s side door. The driver then rammed the chasing vehicle, pushing it off the road near Scott Road and Route 47 in unincorporated Sugar Grove, where it was found in the mud by Sugar Grove police with a 31-year-old Chicago man who was arrested at the scene.

    The subject arrested has been charged by the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office with four felony counts: Armed Robbery, Attempted Aggravated Vehicle Hijacking, Unlawful Use of a Weapon by the Felon and Aggravated Discharge of a Weapon. He remains in Kane County Jail awaiting a hearing with a judge.

    This case is ongoing. Authorities are investigating whether others were involved in the incident. Anyone having any information regarding this incident should contact the Sugar Grove Police Department.

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