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    Missing Man Found Dead On Great Western Trail in Campton Township

    A 30-year-old Virgil man who had been reported missing since March 1 has been found dead near the area of Hanson Road in Unincorporated Campton Township. 

    According to a press release from the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, the search for James Norris began again in the morning hours of this morning, and at approximately 11:00 A.M. Norris’ body was located just off the Great Western Trail.

    The investigation is still ongoing but at this time no foul play is suspected.  Anyone having any information is requested to contact the Kane County Investigations Division at 630-444-1103. 

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    • Thomas Kieser

      Obviously your news organization has no idea what discretion means. You are so hell-bent on getting a scoop you don’t even leave 24 hours for the family to handle their personal business. Perhaps you should take a good hard look at yourselves and try to do better in the future. For now Fox Valley magazine should be ashamed of themselves for their unprofessional conduct.

      • Cindy

        I see your side Thomas, and even for the people that use the trail, this doesn’t give any answers as to if this is a safety thing. Too many unanswered questions here!

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