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    Update: Chinese Rocket Crashes Into Indian Ocean In A Near Miss For Philippines; Video

    An uncontrolled Chinese rocket re-entered the earth’s atmosphere at east of the Philippines at approximately 12:45 Central and debris landed just off the coast of the Philippines island of Palawan.

    Because the trajectory information regarding the rocket, which was used to launch a Chinese satellite into orbit, had been kept secret by the communist government of China, the potential re-entry point into the atmosphere was difficult to assess. Earlier projections this morning had a potential re-entry just south and west of Chicago.

    Here is a video of the remains of the rocket falling to earth just offshore of the small Philippines island of Palawan. The relevant portion begins at roughly 3:02:20.

    NASA officials had harsh words for the Chinese Space Agency regarding its unwillingness to provide trajectory or other information for the rocket.

    No other information is available at this time.

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