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    Heroic Citizen Awards To Be Presented To Three “Good Samaritans”

    Sheriff Ron Hain will be recognizing and presenting the Heroic Citizen Award to citizens Jose Bosque Jr, Jose Bosque III, and Michael Curtis at the Kane County Board Meeting on May 10th at 9:45 AM.

    On March 9th, 2022, Kane County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Drab was on patrol, alone, in the Elgin area, when he attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation. The vehicle sped off and a chase ensued for a short time until the vehicle crashed. The driver then fled on foot while making numerous furtive movements into his waistband. Deputy Drab, still without other police support, drew his Taser, gave verbal commands, then deployed the Taser, briefly incapacitating the offender.

    A struggle then ensued and the offender was able to grab ahold of Deputy Drab’s Taser. The two began to struggle over the weapon until Deputy Drab was able to regain control. However, attempts to place the offender in custody continued. Citizens in the area, Jose Bosque Jr and Jose Bosque III, observed the deputy in distress and came to his aid by helping to restrain the offender while Deputy Drab handcuffed the offender. Without their aid, Deputy Drab may have incurred serious injury during the event and the offender may have escaped.

    On Tuesday, March 29th, 2022, ComEd line worker Michael Curtis was heading home at the end of his shift and observed an overturned vehicle on fire that had just driven off the road and struck a utility pole. Kane County Sheriff’s Deputies Ryan Reichardt and Steven Turcios were also just arriving on scene. Curtis assisted the deputies while they navigated the downed power lines to rescue the driver, who was still inside the vehicle. He then remained on scene to help Deputies Reichardt and Turcios remove the driver shortly before the vehicle became engulfed in flames, ultimately saving the driver’s life.

    The three deputies will also be recognized with inter-departmental awards for their actions.

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