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    Five U-46 Schools Closed Tuesday; “Staffing Shortages”

    Parents of children who attend one of five U-46 schools were notified last night that their children would get an extra day of winter break.

    In a message to parents, Superintendent Tony Sanders informed parents that the following schools would be closed due to “staffing shortages.”

    • Highland Elementary
    • Huff Elementary
    • Independence Early Learning Center
    • Parkwood Elementary
    • Ridge Circle Elementary

    He also indicated that no remote instruction will be provided at these schools.

    Sanders went on to imply that more such closings may be to come.

    “We will be reviewing staffing levels day-by-day in making determinations of whether these, or other, schools may have to be closed in the coming days and weeks.”

    “We are aware that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued updated guidance for the general public as it relates to quarantine,” he continued, “they have yet to release guidance specific for school districts.  As such, the Illinois Department of Public Health is requiring school districts to follow their guidance from August 2021.  The updated guidance could be released  any day, and once we receive it we will begin to update our procedures.” 

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