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    Exclusive: St. Charles Mayor Lora Vitek Vows No Vote On “Vax Passport” For St. Charles

    Fox Valley Magazine has learned that St. Charles Mayor Lora Vitek will ensure that no vote is taken on any kind of “vaccine passport” for St. Charles restaurants and bars.

    Below is the statement the mayor intends to read at tonight’s city council meeting:

    I would like to make one thing absolutely clear: I am adamantly against requiring proof of vaccination to visit businesses in St. Charles.

    The topic was put on the agenda of tonight’s meeting to officially document our position in the public record and remove any doubt about where we stand, especially in light of recent decisions by other local government agencies.

    As residents elect their aldermen, there were aldermen who strongly believed they wanted to make a public statement that they too adamantly are/were opposed to such a recommendation or a mandate.

    As such this evening, we are NOT taking a vote and I believe the majority if not all of the alderman sitting here are in support of this/my position. If that is not the case, please do provide me your feedback at this time.

    Earlier today, an article in the Kane County Chronicle referred to a memo from St. Charles City Administrator Heather McGuire, indicating that, under the vaccine order, businesses must display signage about the mitigations and develop a written protocol with details for how they will check vaccine status and how they will enforce the order. It is unclear if that memo had anything to do with the addition of the topic to this evening’s council meetings.

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