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    Four for the Weekend | December 17-19, 2021

    Welcome to our latest edition of Fox Valley Magazine’s


    where we tackle the most profound questions: Heat Miser or Snow Miser?

    So let’s get to it, starting with…..

    It Ain’t Christmas Without The Humbug

    “Are there no poorhouses!?”

    Thus sayeth the iconic figure of Dickensian Christmas, E. Scrooge.

    “A Christmas Carol” is the supreme Christmas story (ok, maybe “It’s A Wonderful Life” is up there, but that classic is so associated with Jimmy Stewart that it simply can’t be replicated, where as with Scrooge and Tiny Tim and ol’ Bob Crachet, “A Christmas Carol” transcends any given performance).

    And the Riverfront Playhouse is the perfect venue.

    Click here for more.

    What’s Better Than One Scrooge? Two Scrooges!

    And if you want to experience Dickens in an entirely different way,check out the Kane Repertory Theatre and their dramatic reading of the classic tale.

    Held at stately Baker Memorial in St. Charles, we cannot think of a better venue for this unique adaptation.

    The event is free, but be sure to donate at the door for this worthy enterprise.

    Click here for more.

    And Now For Something Completely Different…

    An A Capella Christmas!

    What a magnificent event this will be. Also at the wonderful Baker Memorial, this event features multiple choirs of widely different style all together in one program.

    If you like the best choral music around, or just simply want to get into the holiday spirit, this is the place for you Sunday.

    And you’ll likely want to sing along…

    Click here for more.

    And Finally…

    More lights!

    You’re opportunity to see the wonderful light exhibits around the region is dwindling.

    This week, we can heartily recommend Cosley Zoo in Wheaton. Lights, animals, the perfect environment.

    If this moves you to share our enthusiasm, check out our collection of Christmas events at Merry Christmas! Archives – Fox Valley Magazine. Even Scrooge would find something to do.

    Ho, ho, ho!

    Click here for more.

    Weatherwise, Sunday looks like the best bet. Friday and Saturday look wet and chilly, especially Saturday which will feature rain early, grey, windy and a high of 41 later. As ever, plan accordingly.

    If, for whatever reason, none of our fabulous four events doesn’t pop your cork, we’ll be very insulted. However, all hope is not lost. Simply go to www.foxvalleymagazine.com and check out our A+E and Events sections for other ideas.

    Finally, please do us a favor. We would be eternally grateful if you could share this with some of your unsuspecting family, friends and neighbors. We’d also appreciate some love on our Facebook page (see below). Ok, technically it’s a “LIKE,” but don’t be pedantic. Also, that’s actually two favors. We’ll owe you.

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