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    Naperville Dining | VAI’s Italian Inspired Kitchen + Bar

    Italian-inspired food takes a contemporary turn as VAI’s couples old-world concepts with new world charisma.

    VAI’s vibe is a mix of lighthearted class, warmth, and family. Let the aromas of fresh wood-fired dough cooking in the hearth take you to the sweet smell of bright citrus and herbs being muddled at the bar for a craft cocktail. VAI’s is a veritable home away from home.

    “Sharing life over plates”… VAI’s creators impress the fun and connectedness that ordering plates-to-share brings. The menu is engineered for a group to gather around and enjoy together. Rustic small plates, wood-fired traditional Neapolitan Pizzas, fresh pasta, truly enjoyable salads, along with creative entrees are just a few options you’ll find on the menu. (VAI’s has options for allergies & nutritional preferences.)

    Moving to spirits; the wine menu offers a robust choice of whites, reds and blends from across the world while the craft beer + cocktail lists each house traditional picks and off-the-beaten-path options.

    Partners Michael, Anthony, Nick Vai and Sandy Georganas along with Culinary Chef Partner, Scott Wegener and Executive Chef, Scott Raiman have a combined 100+ years in the restaurant industry. They continue to bring wonderful food and beverage to you with casual hospitality and everyday sincerity.

    916 S. IL-Rt 59
    Naperville, IL 60540
    (630) 453-5200


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