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    Restaurant Profile | Red Poppy Bistro | Elgin

    Red Poppy Bistro
    109 E. Highland Avenue
    Elgin, IL  60120

    The Red Poppy Bistro is a family-owned, veteran-owned eatery that focuses on a European-inspired menu, heavily inspired by its Polish and German heritage.

    The Red Poppy Bistro originated as a Polish delicatessen on the Northside of Chicago, and after its founder, Zofia, retired from the business, the family relocated to Elgin, IL.

    Now, with Grandma Zofia’s recipes and guidance, the children have decided to reintroduce the Red Poppy as a bistro.

    The menu ranges from breakfast to dinner options:  Hand-dipped custard French toast creations, “deep dish” quiche, crepes and real, homemade corned beef hash are the local breakfast favorites.  Savory options include homemade corned beef sandwiches, chicken pot pies, pierogi, gravlax (cured salmon), Swedish meatballs and more.

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