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    Four for the Weekend | June 25 – 27, 2021

    Welcome to our latest edition of Fox Valley Magazine’s


     where the pressure to come up with these weekly gags is killing us. Just killing us.

    So let’s get to it, starting with…..

    Swede’s Have More Fun!

    It’s finally arrived.

    We can’t think of a better symbol for the mythical “return to normalcy” than the reemergence of the Granddaddy of Illinois Festivals, Swedish Days in Geneva.

    (Actually, the best example of a “return to normalcy would be the Cubs ending up in the cellar this year. They seem strangely intent on avoiding that so far.)

    Click here for more.

    Technically, This Is Still Swedish Days

    But it takes place in a separate venue, so we’re relying on the judgement of the East German judges to bail us out here.

    This event takes place at Kane County Cougars Stadium, away from the 3rd street mania, and promises to be a lot of fun. Basically a full-day outdoor concert. It may not be Woodstock, but it’s ours.

    Click here for more.

    More Music At The Mundy

    (Sorry, had to get some alliteration in there. You know, like “Willy Wonka Waits For Woman’s Wig.” That kinda thing. Right, where were we…)

    The Venue in Aurora is turning into the hottest, well, venue in the Fox Valley. It’s an interesting place in that it’s a non-profit started up by some guys who a) like music and b) are community-minded. But it doesn’t have that slightly drab non-profit feel.

    (Hold the ratio, people. We love non-profits, too

    Click here for more.

    Boomer Heaven

    Ron Onesti, boss of the Arcada Theatre and related Club Arcada Speakeasy and Restaurant, among other things, has kind of made a lucrative niche appealing to a certain demographic.

    Let’s be honest – it’s the boomers.

    And that’s a smart niche to dominate, because that’s where the money is.

    This weekend’s lineup at Club Arcada will be sure to please in that respect. From Motown to Classic Rock to Sinatra, these performances should push all the right buttons.

    Click here for more.

    Unfortunately, your weekly weekend weather advisory indicates wet, wet, wet. If you’re thinking Swedish Days, Friday and Sunday afternoons look best. Beyond that, bring your umbrella. Plan accordingly.

    If, for whatever reason, none of our fabulous four events doesn’t pop your cork, we’ll be very insulted. However, all hope is not lost. Simply go to www.foxvalleymagazine.com and check out our A+E and Events sections for other ideas.

    Finally, please do us a favor. We would be eternally grateful if you could share this with some of your unsuspecting family, friends and neighbors. We’d also appreciate some love on our Facebook page (see below). Ok, technically it’s a “LIKE,” but don’t be pedantic. Also, that’s actually two favors. We’ll owe you.

    Thanks for reading. Until next time…OH!  One more thing.  If you’re reading this via the website and would like to have this emailed to you bright and early every Friday morning, please SUBSCRIBE!


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