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    Elgin Commander Gets Top Cop Job In Peoria

    Elgin Police Department Commander Eric Echevarria will be stepping down from the force in July with 22 years of service to become the Chief of the Peoria Police Department.

    Echevarria has has worked in the Elgin Operations Bureau, Special Investigations, Major Investigations and also served for fifteen years as a Resident Officer.

    “Commander Echevarria’s history with the resident police officer program, which we modeled here in Peoria after Elgin, his enthusiasm for the position, his focus on community engagement, and his desire to make a difference in a community like Peoria were strong factors in his selection. I welcome his ideas and his experience,” said Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich.

    Echevarria stated, “My family and I are excited to plant new roots in such a diverse and vibrant community. Law enforcement alone cannot solve the challenges we face. I look forward to working alongside the Peoria Police Department members in collaboration with the community to strengthen our common bonds, reduce crime, and improve the quality of life for our residents.”

    Elgin Chief of Police Anna Lalley said that Echevarria will be missed.

    “I am proud of Eric and will miss him as he embarks on this next chapter,” she wrote on a Facebook post announcing the news. “He is one of the best and Peoria is fortunate to have such a competent, caring professional who will now be leading their department.”

    While lamenting her loss, Lalley took it as an indicator that her department is doing things right.

    “in my conversations with Eric, he related that during his interview process it was apparent that the things we do in Elgin are what other police departments are seeking. The Elgin Police Department produces top notch professionals and has done so for many years; as others before Eric have similarly become chiefs of police, creating a lasting sense of pride and appreciation for the people who have made the Elgin Police Department what it is today.”

    Echevarria holds a Bachelor of Arts from Northeastern Illinois University and an Associate of Arts from Benedictine University.  He is also involved with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association, the Puerto Rican Police Association, among others.  He also served as a Corporal for the United States Marine Corps.

    He will assume his duties in Peoria on August 2 at a salary of $176,000.

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