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    Routine Traffic Stop In Naperville Nets Gun-Related Arrest

    Policing authorities speak frequently of the importance of day-to-day, routine policing, noting that most suspects are identified and captured through such seemingly mundane activities.

    On Monday evening in Naperville, that principle was confirmed by results.

    A proactive traffic stop by Naperville patrol officers late Monday night resulted in the arrest of a 19-year-old man on numerous felony charges and the recovery of two illegal firearms – one having an extended magazine and no serial number, the other having been modified to be able to fire as a fully automatic weapon, both felony offenses.

    The driver was charged with three counts of felony weapons offenses, illegal transportation of cannabis, illegal transportation of open alcohol and window tint violations.

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    • Lew Breese

      Who is this person? No name is giver, where is this person from, no address is given. Last week a shooting was reported in Naperville, a person was arrested, again no names or addresses were given. Who are these people? If you want to report do the whole story, if the police won’t give this information please state. We then have a police problem or coverup.

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