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    APD Rescue Call Is A Real Hoot

    Welp, this isn’t something you see every day.

    Yesterday, Aurora police officers were dispatched to a very unique call.

    A tractor-trailer was driving in the area of Orchard Road in Aurora when an unexpected visitor flew between the cab and the trailer – a young owl.

    The wayward Strigiformes (that’s Latin for “owl,” believe it or not) got stuck in the rigging, as it were, prompting the driver to call for assistance.

    While it’s highly unlikely that APD has trained for avian extraction, officers were able to get the owl rescued and into the care of the Kane Area Rehabilitation and Education for Wildlife, where it is reported to be doing just fine – nesting peacefully, so to speak. (Sorry.)

    There is no word on whether this owl is related in any way to the intrepid turkey that so captivated St. Charles earlier this year.

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