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    Friday – Saturday, October 29 – 30 | Tarzan, At The Hemmens

    Washed up on the shores of West Africa, an orphaned infant boy is found and taken in by gorillas and given the name Tarzan.

    Apart from striving for acceptance from his ape father Kerchak, Tarzan’s life is mostly monkey business until a human expedition treks into his tribe’s territory. Encountering creatures like himself for the first time, Tarzan is enthralled, especially with the beautiful explorer Jane Porter.

    While Jane longs to observe and learn from the gorillas, not everyone on the expedition has the same kind-hearted plans.

    But what will happen when Tarzan’s relationship with his newly found human family threatens the jungle family who raised him?

    For tickets and information for this Christian Youth Theatre performance call 847-516-2298 or visit https://www.cytchicago.org/shows/Tarzan/77

    Friday, 7pm – 9pm

    Saturday, 2pm – 4pm

    Saturday, 6pm – 8pm

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