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    Health & Fitness Centers | Fit St. Charles

    (Sponsored. One in a series.)

    After the year of COVID, we’re sure lots of Fox Valley denizens (us included) had put on the dreaded “COVID-20.”  We’ve had the summer to get back in shape, but fall and winter are on our doorstep and the temptations of the coming holiday season coupled with the “nesting instinct” threaten to undo our hard-earned gains.

    So, in the nick of time, we present a solution.  The Health & Fitness Clubs of the Fox Valley.

    Shy and private?  Serious athlete?  Casual “workout and then a beer” type?  There are clubs for every style and every objective. 

    So go ahead and indulge in that Pumpkin Spice Double Latte with sprinkles (or whatever you people drink these days), but work it off at one these outstanding enterprises. Happy exercising!


    Fit St. Charles, located at 141 South First Street in St. Charles, offers a variety of services, including personal training for individuals, couples or families, staggered semi-private personal training, strength training and small group training. We believe that quality coaching leads to better results, prevents injury, and improved motivation.

    Fit St. Charles is NOT your typical gym – those of all ages, abilities, and physical fitness levels feel equally welcome and valued. Services are personalized and appropriate to your needs and goals.

    At Fit St. Charles, we take the best from high intensity workouts and personal training and combine it to provide outstandingly effective training sessions. With our semi-private personal training, you receive many of the benefits of personal training in a fun and supportive group atmosphere. We take special care to improve mobility and range of motion, making sure that each participant is utilizing correct form so that they get the most of the workouts.


    • Our purpose is to help you achieve your personal goals, whether it be fat loss, muscle growth, getting better at your particular sport, or just being better able to perform your daily activities, we have proven through our classes to be able to achieve those results, both physically and mentally.
    • Individual attention in a small group setting. Our training sessions are structured to facilitate individual instruction within the group. Classes incorporate skill instruction along with the best high intensity functional workout you can find!
    • We do not waste our time with fancy gimmicks and tricks, rather we develop full-body, functional workouts that will help you attain those goals, and the results will speak for themselves.
    • You will be stronger, faster, healthier and generally be able to handle general tasks in life with ease.

    141 South First Street

    St. Charles, Il 60174



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