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    A Taste Of Africa In….Lake Geneva?

    You’re reading that right.

    Believe it or not, the savannahs of Africa are right next door at Safari Lake Geneva, a remarkable drive-thru safari only 45 minutes away.

    We had an opportunity to visit recently and came away enthralled.  It’s awfully tough not be when you’re hanging out with guys like these.

    As its name indicates, Safari Lake Geneva is located just a stone’s throw from the lake, about 5 miles southeast on Litchfield Road. Consistently ranked as one of the most exciting things to do in Lake Geneva, Safari Lake Geneva is a family-owned business and the brainchild of Wisconsin’s foremost exotic animal expert, “Jungle” Jay Christie.

    Christie had long dreamed of creating a refuge for the world’s diminishing breeds that allowed animals to roam vast acreage while confining people to “cages,” specifically their cars. The end result is a conservation park that allows animals to interact with other animals, oftentimes in herds, much as they would in their ancestral homelands.


    The safari is done completely by car, but that doesn’t stop you from interacting with the animals.  Roll down your windows and feed them directly, using the special feed provided by the park.  All the animals are friendly and seem to be viewing you as the attraction rather than the other way around.

    We refer above to Africa, but the safari is really a mixture of African, Asian and North and South American beasts, ranging from two types of camels to zebras to water buffalo, totaling roughly 20 different species in all.

    Reservations for the safari required in advance. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

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