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    Elgin History Museum Releases New Video Series “Museum Moments”

    The Elgin History Museum would love to show visitors everything in its vast collection, but there is only so much space to properly showcase each artifact and tell its story. Museum Moments are 60-90 second video stories built around a Museum artifact in the collection, but often not in public view. The videos will be shot in sets of four and will include a textile, a photo, an archival item and an object. The selection criteria is interesting items from our collection that highlight individual Elgin men and women, often from under represented communities in Elgin’s past. Each video will be presented by different people, someone that has either a historical or present-day meaningful connection to the artifact, telling the story of how it ties into Elgin’s history.

    A total of 26 Museum Moments will be released throughout 2021, and will be added to the Museum’s website, YouTube channel and social media channels. The videos will also air on cable channel 17, Elgin Public Access. The first set of 4 videos are live https://elginhistory.org/museum-moments/

    Funding for this endeavor comes from the City of Elgin, the Palmer Foundation and your Museum donations. The Museum is excited to work with long time collaborator Phil Broxham of Grindstone Productions to produce Museum Moments.


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