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    Friday, November 11 | Noah Gabriel, Retrospective Of 20 Years In The Valley

    Local music legend Noah Gabriel will take a backward look at his 20 years in the Fox Valley with a performance at The Venue in Aurora this evening.

    Honesty is where the best songs come from, and nearly 2 decades ago – within the first lines of the first song from his very first album, no less – Gabriel was already making that abundantly clear.

    “I don’t know what to say, but I won’t turn away,” from the appropriately-titled “Pride,” ushered Gabriel into the Chicago roots-rock scene, crafting his own blend of amiable roots-rock that pulls equally from fiery blues of Stevie Ray Vaughn or BB King and wry folk witticisms a la Lucinda Williams or Ryan Adams. From 2005’s debut solo effort In Aurora to 2015’s Easy (as part of the power-trio Noah’s Arcade), 2017’s thematic concept album, Dead Reckoning, about illness, death, and grief, to his newest album, 2020’s Summer’s Gone…Gabriel’s songs are powerful dissections of characters in desperate times.

    20 years and 12 albums in, Noah is using this evening as a celebration of the music and people he has made it with in his home town where it all began! This show will feature The Noah Gabriel Band, Noah’s Arcade, Dave Ramont, Dave Nelson and his latest collaborator Ryan Carney.

    Time: 8pm (doors open at 7pm)

    Tickets: $10 (+$5 at the door), available here.

    The Venue is located at 21 South Broadway in Aurora.

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