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    Artist Profile | Aurora’s Johnny Felix

    Local artist and resident in the Aurora area Johnny Felix created Talento Creations in November 2021.

    The name of “TALENTO” is a reference to “TALENT” to express his artwork to motivate youth and adults of his unique art creation. What is unique… he uses halogram glitter to create movement and his new trend “Urban Pulse” was inspired by seeing heartbeat monitors at a hospital.

    Two important trends in Johnny Felix artwork is that on the back of every canvas or reprint he has created quotes to inspire the audience to the overall perspective of the artwork and the second is the glow-in-the-dark that he has used to create most of his work and defining that as a energy of talent that is presented in your soul that no one doesn’t know about.

    Stay tuned to see what Talento Creation is doing in the future with collaboration with locals in the Aurora area. Johnny Felix’ work has expanded to Oklahoma & Los Angeles, as well as donated pieces to local businesses and making artwork for the sick or hearing important stories.

    Keep an eye out, Talento Creations might surprise you with artwork delivered right to your doorstep. Remember your journey defines you what you want in life so REMEMBER….. “Impossible is Possible“ Johnny Felix @talento_creations

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