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    Featured Cocktail | Lady of The Lamp

    Here’s the story of how “The Lady of the Lamp” met Castle and Key. Our version anyway.

    Florence Nightingale was a selfless, brave and innovative nurse. Against so much adversity – her personal health wasn’t good, her family disapproved of her vocation and she never married or had children – she published over 200 articles and books, and transformed the nursing profession.

    When Queen Victoria offered to send the troops au de cologne during the Crimean War, Florence responded that “a little gin would be more popular.”

    Florence decided to write to Castle and Key about star anise. She listed all of its medical benefits and why it should be included in their next Gin! She brilliantly pointed out that star anise contains Shikimic acid— a compound with strong antiviral capabilities, and now it’s the maincomponent in Tamiflu — a popular medication for influenza.

    Castle and Key deemed the information invaluable and worthy. Harvest Gin was born and a few days later the war ended. Coincidence?

    Enjoy the good vibes ✌

    ~ 2 oz Harvest Gin

    ~ .75 oz grapefruit juice

    ~ .25 oz lemon shrub

    ~ .5 oz agave

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