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    Who We Are At SunCloud Health

    With so many options to choose from in mental health care and no standardized quality measurements that patients can use to make informed decisions on where to go and why, it can be challenging to find the right treatment option. 

    SunCloud Health takes pride in being transparent and authentic about who we are (and who we are not), and what we do well, we feel that patients, families, loved ones and payors deserve it!

    We also know that SunCloud’s integrated treatment model is unique. We don’t take the typical treatment approach of treating one “primary” illness at a time, nor do we treat multiple “primaries” in different settings using different approaches.  We know this approach does not net sustainable outcomes. Rather, we treat the whole person, meeting you where you are at and building from there. We address all that we can under one roof and at the same time with a model is thorough and proven. It’s all that we know.

    Our specialty lies in treating those patients who struggle with complex co-occurring substance use disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and related trauma (in adults and adolescents). Our patients often have two “primary” illnesses happening at the same time, which is the true definition of a co-occurring illnesses and to address just one part and not the whole does not make sense, we know recovery doesn’t work that way.

    Dr. Kim (Kimberly Dennis, MD, CEDS) Chief Medical Officer, CEO and Co-founder at SunCloud Health does a great job in the video (below) of describing our integrated treatment model and why we do what we do. 

    SunCloud is a place to consider for those who are interested in addressing their challenges in an evidence based environment alongside a full care team that is designed around the unique needs of the individual.

    We are grateful for the opportunity to do what we do, to save lives and to make a meaningful difference.  

    SunCloud Health. Providing Individual, Group, IOP,  PHP and Residential treatment for substance use disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and related trauma for Adults and Adolescents

    Locations in Northbrook, Naperville and Chicago (Lincoln Park).

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