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    2021 In Retrospect: Bears Tease Fields of Dreams

    (Another in a series of 2021’s top stories in the Fox Valley.)

    2021 wasn’t all gloom and doom, of course.  And we would be remiss were we not to note the greatest draft pick for the Beloved Bears since that glorious day in 1975 when the name “Walter Payton” was announced.

    And yes, we are still drinking the kool-aid.

    April 29

    Chicago Bears Shock Pretty Much Everybody!

    We didn’t think it possible, but the Chicago Bears just may have made the deal of the century.

    Trading up from the 20th spot in the NFL Draft to the 11th, the Bears grabbed a guy once thought completely out of their reach, Ohio State QB Justin Fields.

    Bears fans around the country are at once stunned and elated.

    “THE BEARS ARE BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!” screamed Barstool Big Cat on Twitter.

    Field’s draft stock had dropped considerably from mid-season when he was considered 1-1A with Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.  A magnificent performance against Lawrence’s Tigers in the national semi-finals temporarily overcame a couple of spotty outings against Indiana and Northwestern.  But as time went on, North Dakota’s Trey Lance and BYU’s Zach Wilson passed him on most mock draft boards.

    This was borne out in the actual draft.  Lawrence, Wilson and Lance went 1-2-3.  Fields fell to 11.

    But that was music to Chicago fans’ ears.  And when it was announced that the Bears had secured a trade to get up to 11, the only question remaining was whether it would be Fields or Alabama’s Mac Jones.

    Fields got the nod, and the city of Chicago is gonna party tonight.

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