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Elgin Fringe Festival | Saying Goodbye To The Fringe

The Elgin Fringe Festival comes to a close. Here’s what’s happening on the final day.

Venue: Elgin Art Showcase


Parker Forrest Olson: Welcome, Home

Welcome, Home is an original one-act play written and directed by Parker Forest Olson. Welcome, Home explores a family over the course of a decade as they begin, fall apart, and reassemble, all while the spirit of Home enters and exits their lives, acting as a grandmotherly figure driving and nourishing their growth. $10


American Maniacs Unlimited: The Death of God on the American Frontier

Let American Maniacs Unlimited lead you along the pioneer trail of comedy to the virgin wilderness of the silliness frontier. Then gaze in horror as a railroad is built through it and bison are being shot at from train cars. For this is The Death of God on the American Frontier: A Sketch Revue. $5


Company Lesg’ arts: Un’Visible

UN’VISIBLE which transports us here to the visible and invisible side of an individual and collective life and acts carried out in the shadows by certain people. UN’VISIBLE: a light rays, dark rays that under- mine our mind. UN’VISIBLE here is a choreographic interpretation which plays on the physical mind as moral of all people through the gaze, a scene where the dancers appear and disappear between light and dark, in contact, tension in this space. $10

Venue: Exhibition Hall


Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln: Illinois Icon

Hilarity, heartbreak, humanity and brilliant speeches abound! Abraham Lincoln traces an astounding journey from log cabin to White House with his love of learning, skillful use of language, sense of fairness, opposition to slavery, and a remarkable ability to lead our nation through its darkest days. $5


Night Moose: Night Moose

Night Moose invites you to join the fun as the herd mashes long and short form improv elements together with audience suggestions for a funny and unique improvised show that will never be seen again. Ever. So come frolic with Night Moose! $10


Nolan Webster: Chicago’s Most Mysterious Person

WHAT DOES HE KNOW? HOW DOES HE KNOW IT? Those are the questions you will be asking yourself after seeing Nolan Webster. Nolan will connect with you using telepathy, psychometry, intuition and other techniques to connect in order to tell fortunes, provide guidance and give insight. $10

Venue: Theatre At Side Street Studios


Melanie Moseley: Polyamory: The Musical!

A powerful, funny, musical/storytelling journey into polyamory. Follow Mel as she explores the benefits of community all while struggling to answer the question: “What do I want?” Explore a lifetime of attempts to answer that question. Peek inside a triad and hear firsthand accounts of love without limits. $10.


Mike Lemme: Healing+

Come help comedian Mike Lemme move out of his apartment. We don’t want to give too much away, but you’ll definitely enjoy the show if you’ve ever had to deal with roommates. Also, you won’t actually have to help Mike move! $10

Venue: Martini Room


The Mayfields: The Mayfields

Prepare to have the Mayfields rifle through your mind in this daring display of psychic phenomenon. Mind readers need minds to read, after all! Jacob and Shane will demonstrate ESP and telepathy that will make you ask: is this for real? Decide for yourself in this interactive experience. $10


Memoriam Development: The Bichon Frise And Shetland Variety Hour

After being holed up at home by a near apocalypse, we return to fringe with, The Bichon Frise and Shetland Variety Hour! Minds addled from lack of human contact, QAnon, and alcohol, our actors have put together a show that highlights their multiple talents. Winner, the SERIOUS LOLS — SO FUNNY! and #thisisfringe awards at Portfringe 2021. $10

So there it is. Another year of successful Fringe. Looking forward to next year.

General admission tickets are $5, $10  or  free,  sold at the box office at Fringe Central. Or, buy tickets on-line at elginfringefestival.com and pick them up at the box office before the show.

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