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    Appearing (And Disappearing) In Lake Geneva, Magician Tristan Crist

    Most northern Illinois residents know that Lake Geneva has a magic of its own, but recently Fox Valley Magazine had a chance to catch a show at the #1 Lake Geneva Attraction, according to TripAdvisor, the Tristan Crist Magic Theatre.

    The intimate theatre has a seating capacity of 165 seats where the magician and illusionist has created the ultimate performance space for guests to be amazed as they watch helicopters and motorcycles appear out of nowhere.

    Just 1.5 miles from the original Tristan Crist Magic Theatre, the venue at 100 N. Edwards Boulevard offers a modern industrial vibe with high-tech lighting, sound, and video wall systems. Now serving beer and wine, adult guests enjoy Wisconsin brewed Spotted Cow beer and Shark Tank featured wine Copa Di Vino, with concessions for all in the larger lobby before the show.

    After guests their way down a hallway to the main theatre doors, they are immersed in the world of magic and illusion as Tristan presents large-scale acts just steps away from their seats.

    The show opens with Tristan appearing out of nowhere. Then he quickly gets to work dividing his assistant in half, creating visual illusions with shadows, making objects levitate and a motorcycle appear on stage in two seconds from impossible conditions. Audience members are invited to participate throughout the performance, with several given stage time for extra magical fun.

    The modern illusion experience is topped off with Tristan’s quick wit and charming smile that entertains and amuses young and old alike, creating the perfect entertainment experience for the entire family.

    Visit www.LakeGenevaMagic.com for tickets, show schedules and more information or call the box office at (262) 248-0505.

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