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Take the Chaos out of Christmas 3 Ways by Ann Marie Guenther of That Girl Organizes

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are a thing of the past, and there are only weeks until Christmas. What is a girl to do? Get organized, of course, and keep calm. Buckle up, here we go!

I started this trend, long before it was popular:
Handwritten Christmas cards are lovely, but are they necessary? That Girl Organizes, Ann Marie Guenther has been putting a family Christmas picture on Social Media for friends and family for over ten years. Why spend the time addressing cards, stamping and sending them for the recipient to look at and toss two weeks later? Alternatives are a family email blast with a letter of the year’s happenings and a picture or a social media post where you tag folks who may be interested. How easy is that? Spend more time with family than sending handwritten cards, and with postage being a fortune now, you could take your family out for an event with your savings.

Kitchen Clean Out:
Your kitchen is the hub of your home. Take everything out of the pantry and discard old food. Straighten out the rest. If you want this organized like a boss, I know a great organizer (LOL) who adores kitchens and will organize your pantry so beautifully that Rachel Ray would be jealous.
Set a timer for 15 minutes. Make quick decisions regarding pots and bakeware. If you wonder where it came from or your first thought is, “gross,” donate it.

“Don’t Cook Your Goose!”

A priest named Jan Hus in the early 14th century known for this funny saying meant, “don’t get yourself in trouble!” I don’t know anyone who makes goose for Christmas.
Have you ever had a nervous breakdown around the holidays?

For too many of us, the “perfect” holiday includes doing everything on your own like a superhero. Remember doing the gift purchasing/wrappings, joining four cookie exchanges, church parties, neighbor’s parties, hosting a dinner or three, and barely being able to smile when donating your time to a local charity? That’s called burn out!

STOP! Spread the love but in small bursts. Sit your family down and ask what there one favorite thing about Christmas is, then focus on that. You may be surprised that your family wants to make a fire on the porch, have cocoa with tiny marshmallows, and watch Home Alone under blankets while eating your famous candy cane cookies. Did you feel the pressure melt away between the first scenario and the second?

The holidays are not about how much you can cram in, but about what matters to your family and doing those things well. Your family doesn’t want you stressed out and angry after all. “Just chill,” as my teens say. You can truly enjoy the holidays doing a lot less. Try it!

If you want a gorgeous and functional home for the holidays, That Girl Organizes is offering a 20-hour package for only $1500 (save $500) for the first five clients who call with code FOXY25 through 12.15.19. This holiday special will sell out fast. Call today at 630.673.3637.

Have yourself a stress-free and enjoyable Christmas at last! Happy holiday hugs to my Fox Valley friends, Ann Marie Guenther.

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