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Interview with Donnie Wahlberg About the New Wahlburgers in St. Charles By Kevin Ketchum

Fox Valley Magazine: Along with Eddie French, Joe Salas and Kevin Dunn, what made you decide to open a Wahlburgers in St. Charles?


Donnie Wahlberg: ​Living in St. Charles has made me realize how much of an awesome community this is. I wanted to do something to give back to the people of St. Charles for welcoming my family and I here.


Fox Valley Magazine: How is the St. Charles restaurant unique versus other locations?


Donnie Wahlberg: ​We’ve created a one of a kind, immersive Wahlburgers experience for our guests here in St. Charles. You’ll notice some unique touches to this restaurant that you can’t find in any other Wahlburgers location, like the New Kids On The Block record & memorabilia wall, and a table handmade by Paul as a gift to the restaurant. And one thing you certainly can’t miss is the Happy Place photo area when you walk in!


Fox Valley Magazine: Your brother Paul is the Head Chef but did you and other family members have input on the menu?


Donnie Wahlberg: ​My brother Paul did an amazing job taking the flavors we grew up with and making them into one delicious menu. From the tater tots we ate in school to the burgers my dad used to grill up for us on Sunday nights, you’ll find the Wahlburgers menu is heavily influenced by mealtime with our family.


Fox Valley Magazine: What are your favorite menu items?


Donnie Wahlberg: ​There are so many delicious menu items, but I always have to go with the BBQ Bacon Burger as my favorite.


Fox Valley Magazine: What about the sauces?


Donnie Wahlberg: Some of our sauces are housemade. Chef Paul is always crafting up new flavors and sauces that pair best with our sides and dishes.  Our brand new Wahlburgers retail “Wahl-Sauce” will be hitting shelves locally here in the coming weeks.


Fox Valley Magazine: How many different burger combinations are available?


Donnie Wahlberg:​ We’ve got four delicious burgers on the menu right now.


Fox Valley Magazine:  Will the “Virtual Visitor” that allows the Wahlberg family and any Wahlberg family member to remotely video into a Wahlburger’s and have face to face conversations with guests be available at the St. Charles location?


Donnie Wahlberg: With the opening of Wahlburgers St. Charles, we got to experiment with some different technologies and experiences.  We have the one and only Happy Place pop-up at a Wahlburgers that our guests are really enjoying.  You can also reserve a VIP experience and have a really cool exclusive experience.  And since this location is right in my home town, I will have the ability to be there a lot more in person than any other Wahlburgers.


Fox Valley Magazine: How many people does the St. Charles location currently employ?


Donnie Wahlberg: ​We currently have around 60 employees.


Fox Valley Magazine: Could you tell us about the VIP Table and how to reserve it.


Donnie Wahlberg: The VIP Table is this awesome event spot we have here that’s perfect for your next birthday party, anniversary, you name it! We wanted to create something to make our guests feel like they are the star when they come to Wahlburgers. Call the restaurant at 331-235-5200 to book it for your next celebration.


Fox Valley Magazine: The official Grand Opening was Tuesday July 28th. How has the initial local support been so far?


Donnie Wahlberg: ​The local support here in St. Charles has been outstanding. We had people lined up the first day who waited for hours to get in the doors. We’re lucky to have the greatest guests in the world who are just as excited about this restaurant as I am!

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