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Fall Organizing Hacks

You could fall into organizing this season, but we both know that won’t happen (hehehe)!  If getting organized is a far away dream, I will help you bring your reality to fruition.

Fall is a crazy time following summer break!  It’s such a short time between October 1st and November 31st and it is my absolute favorite.  You may guess it’s because organizing season is crazy busy from August until Dec. 24th and of course, I can’t get enough of that, but there is more! I love October-November for the fall colors, comfort foods and being in my favorite place on earth every weekend (the woods).  You see, I’m an outdoorswoman. I like fishing, hiking, climbing trees and archery hunting.  In order to do these things, my family of 6 must be organized (and I am not Wonder Woman). I do however have to be an incredibly organized Mom so I keep my sanity and enjoy my weekends the way I want to.  Running a family with busy sports schedules and a business is a lot, but it is 100% possible to take care of everyone and myself!  If I don’t have free time, I’m not living, just surviving.  Let me share some of my fall secrets:

Winter Gear Swap

Bins or baskets are a must for all hats, mittens and gloves that are needed for the season.  Place sunhats and summer gear up high or snugged away in the basement in a bin clearly marked (SUMMER).

Where do your shoes end up when the family enters the door?  With mud and snow in the forecast, a large boot tray or mat is a great place to put shoes and boots.  If you want to get fancy, you can place your shoes in clear bins or line them in a coat closet.  I love my clear bins!

You have two choices for coats. Either swap out the off-season coats into containers (drop a fabric softener sheet into it so it smells fresh) or move summer coats to one side of the closet so the winter gear is easy to grab.  (I prefer to keep the children’s coats down on a low rod so they can help themselves).

Keys and School Gear

Keys go into and out of the home daily.  A key hook inside the door makes for a simple place to find and return keys.  Some clients prefer to use a key dish, but I like to keep the keys up and off the counter.  Clutter begets clutter!

Does Jr. dump his backpack on the floor when he comes home?  Give him hooks in the entryway to alleviate this trip hazard. It’s as easy as that.

Getting organized and staying organized is easy with That Girl Organizes! If the tasks above are daunting or you need a whole house tune-up, let’s chat! My team will get your home back to maintainable in an afternoon or two. Ann Marie Guenther, owner of That Girl Organizes loves to help busy parents have everything at their fingertips where it should be. Call 630.673.3637 today! www.thatgirlorganizes.com

  • Ann Marie Guenther, owner of That Girl Organizes is known as Naperville’s most organized woman and the face of Facebook! Ann Marie declares that clutter is unproductive and sucks the money out of your bank account as well as the time out of your day. That Girl Organizes keeps Chicagoland homes and businesses productive and peaceful. As a former teacher, she developed her own exclusive system to teach people how to organize according to their individual learning style. This system keeps their homes productive and organized, saving time and money. In addition to her organizing business, Ann Marie now trains other organizers on how to grow their businesses when she isn’t speaking at events, on podcasts, radio shows or writing articles. Look for her first book in 2019!

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