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Entrepreneurs Rock Their Work/Life Balance in 3 Easy Steps

“That’s Impossible!”  My neighbor accused of me of lying when I told her that I run my own business 8-3 and am an engaged, organized sports mom in my off time (without a cleaning crew or chef to back me up).

Pssssst! My secret is to keep my head from spinning is that I have a plan and I stick to it!

What’s the big deal about separating work and life? You can integrate both, right?  Nope!

Poor work/life balance isn’t just bad for your health and relationships, but it destroys your company and your relationships.

Here are a few steps that help entrepreneurs like me rock it out daily:

1.Boundaries: Set specific limits for yourself (calendar them if necessary). Example-Do NOT destroy boundaries by checking your work email while playing a card game with Jr. More on this below.

2. Maximum productivity: If you want to kick butt at work, be all in when you are working. Turn notifications off, and do not let anyone interrupt your professional time. Did you know it can take 20 minutes to refocus once interrupted?

If you are off, be intentional about not thinking about work. Make a list of things to do that are not work related. Have fun listing activities you REALLY want to accomplish!

3. Screen time: Put down your freaking phone already! Don’t let it define you. Should your loved ones really have to compete for your attention? Life is taking place outside of your Pinterest page. The most important people in your life are right in front of you. Pay attention!

Are you addicted to work or the feeling of being needed? Let me ask you this: Who is going to hold your hand if you are sick in the hospital?  Probably not your co-workers. Pay attention to your loved ones, they LOVE YOU!

Productivity over business always wins! Relationships are the key to an amazing, fulfilled life. When you are working, money making activities trump everything else; prioritize. Do the right things well, not a ton of busy activities poorly. Hire out silly tasks that a 12 year old can do. Don’t waste time there!

If you need help straightening out your desk so that you can be productive, That Girl Organizes is offering her Fox Valley readers $50 this month with the code #FOXY.

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