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    Comprised of the beloved former mayor of St. Charles, Ray Rogina, and former assistant state’s attorney and Geneva lawyer Pat Crimmins, Just A Coupla Guys will be “Talking Everything” about the Fox Valley and beyond, with guests like Sam Smith, Geneva resident, legendary Chicago sportswriter and author of the huge best-seller “The Jordan Rules;” Chazz Palminteri, Academy-Award nominee and award-winning author of “A Bronx Tale;” Julie Mann, longtime Managing Editor for WBBM; Wayne Randazzo, raised in St. Charles and now radio voice of the New York Mets; and many more.

    Ray Rogina and Pat Crimmins like to talk.

    And they’ve got a lot to say.

    Lifelong Fox Valley residents, Ray and Pat have seen and heard a lot over the years. Ray, the former 2-term Mayor of St. Charles and career educator, has spent his adult life working with the movers and shakers of the Fox Valley representing St. Charles in the broader community. Hell, he taught a lot of them!

    Pat (a former pupil of Ray’s), has spent his career as both an insider and an outsider in the Fox Valley legal community, having served nearly 13 years as a Kane County Assistant State’s Attorney before turning to private practice, which he has successfully pursued for over 21 years.

    Ray and Pat share an abiding love of the Fox Valley region they call home, and their range of interests is broad and deep. Politics, sports, business, community development – well, like the name says, they Talk Everything!

    Also available at:

    Jenna Sawicki, St. Charles Business Alliance

    The guys speak with Jenna Sawicki, Executive Director of the St. Charles Business Alliance, about the exciting present and future of St. Charles.

    Also, the guys talk immigration and no-cash bail in The Passing Scene; and some dismal sports critiques in Everybody’s A Critic.

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