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Celebrate Mistakes! by Ann Marie Guenther of That Girl Organizes

That Girl believes everyone, of every age can start over and over and over.  Sometimes that’s what it takes to succeed.

I have been an entrepreneur since I first sold air purifiers in high school to bars.  Why my parents were ok with this, I’m guessing is because my only motivation was to grow my business and help people achieve fresh air.

You see, I was disgusted by smoky rooms, and I felt everyone deserved fresh, clean air with the use of my ionized air purifier.  The fact that two years later it was recalled and said not to work wasn’t my fault was it?

I learned a few lessons in that business and used them in my next. After college I worked as a bookkeeper and I had a side gig.  I painted murals in children’s rooms.  They were more like cartoons, but I got paid and I thought it was fun.  I made a few marketing mistakes here.  Can you believe that newspaper ads actually worked back then?

When I started That Girl Organizes 5.5 years ago I took the lessons I had learned previously and changed them for the better.  However, I learned a lot more and got myself a brilliant business coach in my second year of business.  Wow!  What a difference a year made!  I went from a ho-hum organizer to the most well-known and recognized Professional Organizer in Chicagoland in six months.

The mistake I made in business at the age of 15 was that I never had a true mentor.  I had not gotten the help I needed when I was 20 and had my painting business either.  Starting That Girl Organizes 5.5 years ago seemed like a breeze too since I had read every single of the 52 organizing books out there, had organized my family for years and knew “everything,” or so I thought.

I was really disappointed when it didn’t start that way. I knew what I was doing, but I wasn’t known in that first year of That Girl Organizes.

Hiring a mentor was the best thing I could have done for my business and my family.  There was no need for me to struggle when help was just a phone call away.

It was so hard to say that four letter word (no, not that one silly) HELP!  I felt like I failed as a business owner by getting help.  That wasn’t a thing winners did right?

Jen Sincero, an author told me I was a Bad Ass in (You Are a Bad Ass) and I believe it!

Smart people make mistakes, fail and get help so that they can change their path in life or their career.

Those who hide in the shadows and wish everything to death.  Well, they are still wishing in their old age and they wasted a whole lot of time.

Who are you going to be in 2020, the one who wished and hoped or the one who gets the help you need to succeed?

Don’t suffer from analysis paralysis, call someone to help you clean the house, check the roof, organize your children’s room, organize your paperwork, inspect your attic from that weird smell, get the skunks out from under your porch, train your dog, get your life in order with a mere phone call!

Don’t you dare tell me it won’t help or you don’t know who to call.  I know the best of the best businesses in the area for nearly every single thing.  I’m happy to direct you towards the person you need to help you.

Every single step you take matters.

Every… single… one. Just call!


Ann Marie Guenther

That Girl Organizes


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