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The back to school season is upon us. I feel like this summer has gone by way too quickly. With all the rain we had in June, it really didn’t feel like summer till July. It also doesn’t help that all the retail stores have already made the change from summer to back to school once the 4th of July passes. As a busy mom of two, I thought it would be helpful to share some of my Back to School tips for busy moms.


I have officially started the count down for my kids (Aiden going to 3rd grade and Ian going to Kindergarten) This is our last week of staying up late and waking up pass 8:30 am. Its time for us to start getting into a routine. Here is our checklist for the week or two before school starts:

1.      Start getting back into a routine for bedtime and wake-up time.

2.      Make sure the kids medical is updated (physical, dental, vision).

3.      Purchase school supplies

4.      Prep Lunch Schedule

5.      Make sure you purchased that first day of school outfit

6.      Make sure they half fresh hair cuts for that perfect first day of school photo

7.      Don’t forget to order your chalkboard first day of school sign


This is when my anxiety starts to kick in for my kids.  I want to make sure I capture this first day of school perfectly. That we aren’t rushing out the door because we all woke up late and I NEED to take that perfect photo of them holding that chalkboard first day of school sign so that I can post it all on Facebook. Let’s hope all goes as planned. Here is our check list for the night before:

1.      First day of school outfit is out and ready to go

2.      Pack backpack of any extra supplies that you forgot to drop off beforehand

3.      Pack lunches (don’t forget to write a cute note)

4.      Fill the water bottles and place them in backpack

5.      Take baths or showers. Must be clean before that first day!

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  • Meet Vanessa Kapus the owner of Aquaduct Plumbing Services and is also in the process of launching “The Local Moms” a new business venture currently in development. Besides running a successful business, Vanessa is a Mom of two smart, funny and handsome boys ages 7 and 4 who’s been married for 6 years to her husband and biggest supporter, Jason Kapus.

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