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Sara Snelling, from All on the Table

Sara is a nutrition consultant and culinary educator with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. She has had a lifelong passion for culinary art, nutrition and the holistic sensory experience of food. Her expertise in the field of dietetics and nutrition includes extensive education, training and experience in culinary, agricultural, clinical and community applications. This broad and deep acumen provides the foundation for her practice. Her professional mission is to enable sustainable change in dietary lifestyle habits as a means to affect and improve physical and emotional well-being. She finds joy in exploring the wholly sensory experience of food.

Creamy Roasted Tomato Basil Soup (Dairy Free)

Here’s a great way to use those garden tomatoes that are starting to grow ...

White Turkey or Chicken Lasagna Recipe

This is a great alternative if you have to avoid dairy. It’s SUPER tasty. ...

Make These Instead

Want some good, tasty alternatives to help you stay in line with those fitness ...

Shitake Mushroom + Lentil Asian Tacos

You can get shitakes and cilantro micro greens right now from some of our ...

Early Spring Recipes to Keep You Warm and Cozy

It’s not summer yet~ I’m still craving a little heat, honey. Easy Roasted Veggie ...

Italian Lentil Quinoa ‘Meat’balls

These vegan meatballs taste so similar to regular meatballs that you won’t even miss ...

Smart Snacks

Try these Motivating, Energizing Treats Only for the Big Kids!

Fall Bisques

Savory, creamy bisques you can make with all of that yummy fall harvest.

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