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    Fox Valley Mall Previews ‘Treehouse’ Inside Mall’s New Center Park

    This week, Fox Valley Mall, a three-story shopping center serving generations of Aurora/Naperville-area visitors (www.shopfoxvalleymall.com), is proudly previewing a brand-new experiential space it is affectionately calling the “Treehouse.”

    With its enormous stature, this Treehouse is nothing like the ones you played in as a child, though it may bring back fond memories of those times. Standing two stories tall, the new Treehouse at Fox Valley Mall has an 850-square-foot viewing deck with connecting bridges from the upper level of the mall and a spiral staircase leading to the second story of the Treehouse from the lower level. All of this complements and draws attention to the Treehouse’s unusual and very creative open-air space for guests on both levels of the shopping center.

    Located inside the mall’s expertly designed Center Park, a sophisticated indoor park-like space introduced late last year, the Treehouse will reshape the way people spend time together at the shopping center. Adorned with ever-changing lights on its exterior, the upper level of the Treehouse invites people in with lush greenery and an array of both bench seating and comfortable soft seating, while the lower level boasts a stage for future events and activities.

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