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    Online Summer Camps from Water Street Studios

    Looking for something your kids can do this summer? Make time at home more creative with these new, week-long online camps. Perfect for kids to do with a parent or on their own.

    3D Art Camp
    Create amazing 3D projects using simple materials, ingenuity, and a lot of creativity. Imagine and create an Alebrije Face Mask (a fantastical creature from Mexican Folklore). Construct a ‘selfie’ tin foil gesture study, a family of foxes, and a fun kite rocket.
    Begins Mon., July 13

    Paper Palooza
    Get ready for fun mornings of color, texture, pattern, layering, and more. Use painted papers to create beautiful flowers. Tear, cut, glue, and print paper to make a fish print. There are so many unique paper projects in this engaging online camp!
    Begins Mon., July 20

    Let’s Draw
    Learn different ways to draw as you create a mountain landscape, study the Maasai culture, use the “resist” technique to draw a tropical fish, and make a perspective drawing of Canadian trees. Experiment with charcoal drawing as you create a surrealist animal inspired by Salvador Dali, and so much more!
    Begins Mon., July 27

    Wild for Wildlife
    If you are wild for wildlife, this is the camp for you! Work on color, texture, and emotion and learn how to imaginatively illustrate animals insects, and sea creatures. The materials used are pencils, ink, watercolor markers, and your choice of items for mosaics.
    Begins Mon., Aug. 3

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