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    Hair Extensions…..Hotter than EVER! By Ami Christianson

    So many different types of hair extensions…this can be over whelming. So, let me help you understand.

    When I was first reintroduced to hair extensions several years ago I was more than a little Leary. I had personally seen so many clients that had breakage from a certain type that I will not name in this blog.

    As a professional I will not install extensions that would cause any sort of damage to your hair. Having said that, I personally had tape in extensions installed into my hair. I then wore them for the next 3 years. (Having them retaped every 8 weeks or so.) I not only loved the additional length, I really was thrilled with the additional volume. At that this time in my life I had a autoimmune disease that was affecting my hair. My hair was thin and had no volume, or movement. Hair extensions are often times not only used for additional length, but more often for added volume to fine or thinning hair.

    Since then I have researched many different hair extension companies. I recommend Babe Tape in extensions. They are the best in quality. 100% Remy hair, this means the hair won’t get knotted. Some hair extensions are not laid root to end throughout the extensions causing them to knot up after a few washes. Root to end hair is called, “Remy Hair” this is the highest quality of hair and means the hair cuticle is all going the same direction. Seamless tape in extensions installation only takes approximately 1 hour. This of course depends on how many you have are having installed. Having them removed and retaped,..well that can take a couple of hours.

    The medical grade adhesive is designed for hair, so with proper care or won’t weaken til you’re ready to remove it with a special bond remover. The hair extensions can typically be reused 3 times making this a more affordable process when comparing it to other types of extensions.

    When all is said and done your own hair will not be damaged. For me…this is the most important part of any process or hair service.

    “Your hair has to have integrity and health.” “It has to be healthy to be beautiful.”

    Ami Christianson


    • In 1987 Ami received her cosmetology license from Capri Cosmetology Collage, she than began her career in Madison Wi. Where she specialized in hair and makeup for film & television. Several years later she opened Creating waves salon studios and Yellowstone day spa. Where she provided advanced skin care, body treatments, and waxing services. Moving forward she brought her advanced skills to Geneva IL in 1999 where she created “Designs by Mon Ami” her own private hair studio. In 2005 she expanded her business and staff opening “One Salon and Bridal Company in St. Charles.“ A full service salon offering organic hair coloring, hair extensions, facials , lash extensions ,waxing ,spray tanning, specializing in bridal hairstyling and air brush makeup. Ami realized the demand for Brides, and clients to have all the services they are looking for in ONE convenient location. Her salon styling team has won numerous awards including “The Knot Hall of Fame”, the best of “Wedding Wire”, and is Rated as A Top Wedding Vendor in the USA. I love what I do “Making People feel, and Look Beautiful”

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