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    3 Simple Steps for a Sensational School Start


    School is around the bend and our kiddos need to be successful right from the get go!  Here are a few ways to get the kiddos on track before school starts so they are consistently using routines (the foundation of being organized in school and let’s face it, life!)

    1. Command Center

    A command center houses school papers and a chore chart.  These should be both visible and accessible for Jr. I use a wall file in my home and each child has a labeled pocket he/she places any work from school.  I go through the paperwork, sign permission slips (place them into backpacks), hang artwork on the board, calendar any important events and recycle the rest before dinner.

    Chore Chart

    Our chore chart is part of the command center. Our children do a few daily chores (life skills). It’s amazing what a 2 year old can do if you let them!  This momma doesn’t want to have a 40 year old living in her basement! Doing chores gives the little people pride and life skills, what could be better?

    1. Bedtime Rituals

    The hardest thing for most of caregivers is to get the little buggers down because we expect it to happen in 3 minutes or less.  Here is a solution that works for most children.

    • Start a bedtime routine 45 minutes to an hour before lights are out.
    • Have your little one brush teeth, use the bathroom and get into his/her pajamas. You do the same.
    • Next, read for 15 minutes or let him read on his own. Reading is relaxing and a little boring. This induces sleep.
    • Talk about plans for the following day while giving your darling a back scratch/tickle. My children LOVE this!
    • Lights out!
    1. Lunch and Backpack

    My children are 7-17 and this is how I get their lunches made in a jiffy.

    • After dinner, leave any leftovers out someone might use for their lunch, plus fruits, the basket of bars, and containers of cut of veggies, hard boiled eggs, some hummus, and bread.
    • The children each whip up what they want to eat the following day. It must include protein, fruit and veggies. There is no junk food in their lunches. They need to perform at school, not fall asleep!  Water bottles are filled and within 5 minutes, lunches are ready! I love teaching them life skills!


    This can be easy! Have a designated spot for the backpacks to go daily.  A closet, under a bench, next to a door, in a corner, in the garage on hooks…find a spot and use it!

    These are a few of the simple ways to make going to school easy for everyone!  If you’d like specific tips on your organizational challenges, drop me an email at Annmarie@ThatGirlOrganizes.com.  I’d love to hear from you!

    • Ann Marie Guenther, owner of That Girl Organizes is known as Naperville’s most organized woman and the face of Facebook! Ann Marie declares that clutter is unproductive and sucks the money out of your bank account as well as the time out of your day. That Girl Organizes keeps Chicagoland homes and businesses productive and peaceful. As a former teacher, she developed her own exclusive system to teach people how to organize according to their individual learning style. This system keeps their homes productive and organized, saving time and money. In addition to her organizing business, Ann Marie now trains other organizers on how to grow their businesses when she isn’t speaking at events, on podcasts, radio shows or writing articles. Look for her first book in 2019!

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