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    What Goes on Your Body, Goes in Your Body!

    Check the ingredients that are in beauty products

    Have you ever thought about what goes on your body goes in your body? I do, every day. I have to, its my job after all. Taking care of my clients and myself.

    I have spent the better part of my adult life working with different hair and skin care products. This is why I choose to only use products that are free of chemicals, parabens, and artificial ingredients. My color line for example is from Italy. What’s the big deal…Italian color? Well, did you know that European countries have banned over 1300 ingredients from hair and skin care products, the US has only banned 11. Don’t even get me started. This is just the beginning. Of the over 40,0000 chemicals used in consumer products in the US , according to the EPA, only 1 percent have been tested for human safety.

    So, this is my job. I research, read , and test all the products I use on my clients, and myself.

    I encourage you to take a look at the products you are using at home as well. How long is the ingredient list, can you even read, or understand what they mean?  For example “Bismuth Oxychloride” found in my cosmetics is a heavy, brittle metal used to add shimmering effect . Really?… Throw that in the garbage.

    My passion clearly doesn’t stop at creating beauty in others. That’s simple the end result. It begins with educating and protecting you from anything that isn’t healthy for your hair, skin, and body.

    This is my job,  and I Love it!

    Can you tell?…

    • In 1987 Ami received her cosmetology license from Capri Cosmetology Collage, she than began her career in Madison Wi. Where she specialized in hair and makeup for film & television. Several years later she opened Creating waves salon studios and Yellowstone day spa. Where she provided advanced skin care, body treatments, and waxing services. Moving forward she brought her advanced skills to Geneva IL in 1999 where she created “Designs by Mon Ami” her own private hair studio. In 2005 she expanded her business and staff opening “One Salon and Bridal Company in St. Charles.“ A full service salon offering organic hair coloring, hair extensions, facials , lash extensions ,waxing ,spray tanning, specializing in bridal hairstyling and air brush makeup. Ami realized the demand for Brides, and clients to have all the services they are looking for in ONE convenient location. Her salon styling team has won numerous awards including “The Knot Hall of Fame”, the best of “Wedding Wire”, and is Rated as A Top Wedding Vendor in the USA. I love what I do “Making People feel, and Look Beautiful”

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