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    Don’t Make Hubby Sit on Your Carry on So You Can Zip It!

    Ladies: Less is More

    My clients love to travel, but they don’t always enjoy packing.  That’s where That Girl Organizes comes in.  Just like our advice for living simply with only what you need and love, the same rings true for packing.

    Women need to layer and mix and match outfits. A soft silky top can be worn casually with a skirt and flats or dressed up with a necklace or scarf and heels. However, we still recommend keeping shoes neutral and few (1-2 pair) so your shoes don’t take up most of the bag! Don’t forget to stuff undergarments in your shoes to hold the shoe’s shape and to save on room.

    Sweaters and pashminas are great for layering and are easy to wear and carry with you on the plane. Also, dresses are all-in-one outfits that take up less space. You only need one outfit per day ladies!

    Fashionistas: remember that travel is about the experience and that you are not in a fashion show.


    Don’t forget to pick out your accessories to match or even change up your outfits. Pick one or two go-with-everything necklaces and earrings. Consider wearing one of these jewelry sets on the plane. Place your items in a jewelry roll, a small roll up bag made especially for jewelry, to fit snuggly between your clothes or simple zippered bags. See-through bags from Eddie Bauer are That Girl Organizes favorite!

    The small rolls up bags are great for makeup as well. Keep everything fresh and neutral to go with everything. Don’t forget liquids have to be 1oz or less. Remember, you can purchase toiletries at a hotel (often you can get these free) or local drug store easily.

    Gents: You Need So Little, We Envy You!

    My gentlemen clients aren’t always keen on packing either, but boy do you guys have it easy! So, the same rules apply here as did for the ladies for the most part.  Pack only what makes you feel good and that you can mix and match.

    Guys, you can wear khakis or denim with pretty much anything and look polished! Once you choose a pant or denim, choose a short or long- sleeved shirt and be able to top it with a button down, sweatshirt or blazer and you are ready to roll!  You should be able to wear your denim several times and pants at least twice (unless you are hiking or are engaged in a sport). Your “topper” can be worn more than once as long as your base shirt is clean.

    Wow! Talk about reducing the amount of clothes you need to pack! Now, roll your clothes and you save even more space!

    Toiletries are pretty much the same as the ladies.  Take few items and only what are truly needed.

    Packing can be as easy as that!

    • Ann Marie Guenther, owner of That Girl Organizes is known as Naperville’s most organized woman and the face of Facebook! Ann Marie declares that clutter is unproductive and sucks the money out of your bank account as well as the time out of your day. That Girl Organizes keeps Chicagoland homes and businesses productive and peaceful. As a former teacher, she developed her own exclusive system to teach people how to organize according to their individual learning style. This system keeps their homes productive and organized, saving time and money. In addition to her organizing business, Ann Marie now trains other organizers on how to grow their businesses when she isn’t speaking at events, on podcasts, radio shows or writing articles. Look for her first book in 2019!

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