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Tips for safe vacation travel

Vacations are keeping Americans busy this season. But, with all that fun, make sure you don't overlook caring for your car and tires. If you do, the only thing you'll be doing is standing in the breakdown lane. ... Full story

Dive in for discounts at Fox Valley water park

Nothing says summer quite like water parks. With all their pools, slides and crazy fun, these splash-sational playgrounds are the coolest places around. ... Full story

Area waterparks get you out of the summer heat

Summer is heating up, the kids are going nuts and the lawn sprinkler isn’t cutting it anymore. ... Full story

Ease travel worries with three simple tips

Traveling has its fair share of challenges, from never-ending lines to unexpected layovers and uncomfortable flights. ... Full story

From golf to fishing: America's ultimate destinations for active travel

The word "vacation" means different things to different people. For some, it's lounging poolside and sleeping until noon. Others, however, savor the opportunity to get outside, try some new activities and indulge in their favorite pastimes for days on end. If you're one of the latter group, there are few better places to travel than right here in the United States. ... Full story

Get your car road trip ready for spring

You may be dreaming about escaping on a vacation, but the sky-high costs of flights and cruises can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you're looking to take a break without breaking the bank, a good, old-fashioned road trip could be the way to escape. Aside from packing snacks and preparing the perfect playlist, there are a few things you should consider before venturing out on the open road. A few updates and precautions can help you avoid the wear and potential safety hazards a long trip can have on your vehicle. ... Full story

The Herrington Inn & Spa: Romance on the River

The romance and memories that have been experienced at this waterfront haven are countless. ... Full story

Top 6 tips to save money on winter travel

(BPT) - Whether you need a break from the cold, some time off after the busy season at work, or simply need to get away after a hectic holiday season, a winter vacation can be a welcome respite. Winter can also be the most cost-effective time of year to book a vacation, before the summer travel season heats up and families with kids are looking to get away. ... Full story

Tired of the ordinary? Check out Wisconsin's quirky museums

(BPT) - Whether it's mustard, accordions or angels, Wisconsinites have a unique way of taking a hobby and turning it into an exhibit hall. The state is home to an eclectic mix of museums that go beyond the ordinary and are the product of a passionate person with a vision so strong that erecting a museum is quite simply the most reasonable option. Both entertaining and educational, the following Wisconsin museums offer an out-of-the-box perspective to visitors. ... Full story

Smarter travel: Get the most out of your vacation

Going to a far-flung destination is always exciting, but today's travelers demand a bit more from their experiences. Trends indicate that as people start to plan and embark on their vacations, the central goal, for many travelers, is getting a real sense of place. This emerging breed of traveler makes a point of seeing the major sights, but also wants a local view of each destination to experience the most fulfilling getaway possible. ... Full story

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