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Happy Trails with Shay

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Happy Trails with Shay

I retired from McNally’s Pub on New Year’s Eve and began another chapter in this adventure of life.


You might say that I’ve come full circle as I am back in the travel business where I began my working life back in 1968 with Ireland’s leading tour operator, Joe Walsh Tours.  I took to it like a duck to water and traveled extensively through the resorts of Europe and further afield.  Spain’s Balearic and Canary Islands, Italy’s Amalfi and Adriatic Coasts, the Greek Isles and the North African beaches of Tunisia were my playground for some great years before mortgages and family demanded a more “regular” profession.  Anyway, here I am years later back in business of organizing and guiding tours to Ireland and Europe and beyond and I’m loving every minute of it.

The big difference of course is that apart from being older and wiser, I now get to bring tours to my native Ireland as well as to my favourite destinations in Europe.  I had no idea as I drove the highways and byways of Ireland’s provinces that I would be inviting visitors to come to Ireland with me.  The years of experience, the memories, the history, geography, culture, language, art, and literature, all the things we immigrants hold dear, I can now share with those who travel home with me.

I have never really left the travel business behind as I have been putting together Irish tours and itineraries for friends during most of the 30 years that I’ve been in America. It’s only last year when an annual Irish Tour became 3 tours that I realized I have been heading in this direction for some time.

My years at McNally’s Irish Pub were among the happiest of my life and even though I had semi-retired early last year, I knew that my days were numbered and that I needed to find another income stream that would be both less demanding and less stressful.  One that would use my experience while allowing me be independent. The opportunity for change presented itself in the person of David House, an “old school” tour operator that I took to the moment I met him. He has become a friend and mentor. His company InterTrav Corp, a family operated company in St. Charles IL specializing in group tours for over 45 years is now my new headquarters.

This year I have 5 tours going to Ireland including a walking tour and a foodie tour, 2 to Italy, one to Spain, one to Germany for Oktoberfest, and in December a tour to the Christmas markets in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Intertrav has an incredible network of drivers, guides and hotels all over the world with the in-house expertise to coordinate and design custom tours for any occasion. So, why not put your own group together and travel free as a group leader. That’s what we do.  We plan it all for you including brochures and promotional material.  It’s all on our website, www.intertravcorp.com or call me at 1-847-452-7764 and I’d be delighted to tell you all about it.



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