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Ladies: Get Dressed In 3 Minutes or Less

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Ladies: Get Dressed In 3 Minutes or Less

Setting your clothes and accessories out the night before makes for a smooth transition into your simple morning. But, first things first!

Do you have a closet jammed with clothes dating back from college?

It may be time to purge anything uncomfortable or makes you feel like a sausage. Seriously!

That Girl Organizes according to learning style so everything is at your fingertips where it should be!  Do not fret, we do minimum tiny folding (unlike what our Netflix star persuades us to do).  On the other hand, hanging as many clothes as you can according to season and color are the way to go! 

Do you remember the ROYGBIV pattern you learned in school?  (ROYGBIV is a fancy name for the colors of the rainbow). That Girl Organizes clothes by season and the ROYGBIV pattern on velvet hangers.   Yes, velvet hangers are top dog!  Your clothes no longer crease and your clothes will no longer be laying on the floor because it slipped off the hanger again?

Do you love shopping? 

Ladies, when you go shopping take inventory of your closet first. Then go shopping for specific items that you love and would pay full price for.

Let me explain with a personal example:  I did own two pairs of jeans.  One wore out, and I donated it.  I currently have only one pair of jeans.  For me two pairs of jeans are reasonable, and I genuinely need another.  I don’t want five more pairs of jeans; one suits me fine.  Before shopping, take inventory, write down what you need and buy that, nothing more.  Your closet will become spacious and roomy.  A minimalist closet is indeed glorious, but if you aren’t ready for the leap at least make sure that your wardrobe fits comfortably in your closet and on you!

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