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Bulldogs Unleashed to Return to Batavia for 2018 Encore

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Bulldogs Unleashed to Return to Batavia for 2018 Encore

The Batavia Library FoundaHon, the Batavia FoundaHon for EducaHonal Excellence, and the Batavia Parks FoundaHon are back in the dog house together to bring the beloved painted bulldog statues back to the streets of Batavia next summer.

“Bulldogs Unleashed II”, is a public artbased effort to raise community spirit as well as funds and awareness for the the founding organizaHons. Teaming up with the foundaHons are new community partners: Batavia MainStreet, Water Street Studios, City of Batavia and the Batavia Chamber of Commerce to help with celebraHons and promoHons all year long. The kick-off event is scheduled for next Friday August 11, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at Water Street Studios as part of downtown Batavia’s “Second Friday.” Volunteers are hosHng a kick off recepHons with refreshments, selected bulldogs statues from 2011, a new liEer of Bulldog puppy statues and informaHon at the Dock, by Water Street Studios from 6-9 p.m. (160 S. Water Street, Batavia).

Event chairman, Steven McKenna remarks, “The original effort in 2011 was such a great success for the community, bringing thousands of people to town to see the Bulldogs on display with $75,000 raised for three key Batavia foundaHons. Our groups felt the seven year itch, so decided it’s Hme to do it again.” The Bulldogs will be Unleashed from Memorial Day to Labor Day 2018 with a community celebraHon and aucHon event to be held in September, 2018.

CALL FOR ARTISTS: ArHst applicaHons are available at the August 11 kickoff event at Water Street Studios. ArHsts may also contact George H. Scheetz, at (630)879-1393 ext. 350, or gsheetz@bataviapubliclibrary.org , for informaHon about submieng design proposals. ApplicaHon details are also available on the website, www.bulldogsunleashed.org . Design proposal review begins September 13, 2017.

SPONSORS NEEDED : Bulldog Unleashed sponsorship and outright purchase opportuniHes exist at all levels. Detailed informaHon can be found on the website, or email request for informaHon to bulldogsunleashed18@gmail.com . The deadline for sponsoring or purchasing a dog is December 15, 2017.

AUGUST 11, 2017 KICKOFF EVENT: A kickoff event is planned for August 11, 2017, 6:00-9:00pm. A short presentaHon is scheduled for 6:00pm at Water Street Studios in conjuncHon with their gallery opening and ribbon-cueng, followed by a recepHon at the Dock. Guests are invited to take selfies with select 2011 bulldogs and meet the new liEer of bulldog puppy statues revealed for the first Hme. Everyone who comes to the event and follows “Bulldogs Unleashed” on a social media channel earns a free chance to win the pick of the puppy liEer! There will be refreshments and a slide show from 2011 Bulldogs Unleashed at the Dock. Any business or individual that purchased a Bulldog in 2011 and wants to make it available for the kickoff event, should contact Steven McKenna at s9mckenna@gmail.com.

ArHsts can learn more about the statues and the recommended materials to be used at the kickoff event. Volunteers from the parHcipaHng foundaHons and community organizaHons will be onhand to answer quesHons about the event and to share Hme-sensiHve sponsorship opportuniHes. The public is welcome to stop by for some doggone fun and to help get the project off to a great start SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS: Keep up with the project via Facebook (BataviaBulldogsUnleashed),

TwiEer(@BulldogsUn), and Instagram(BulldogsUn) as well as our website www.bulldogsunleashed.org. 

ABOUT THE FOUNDATIONS: The Batavia Public Library FoundaHon is dedicated to supporHng the Batavia Public Library as a renowned insHtuHon that meets the lifelong learning needs of residents and organizaHons and offers a place to gather, exchange ideas and parHcipate in cultural events.

The FoundaHon's goals: To enhance library collecHons through direct giks and/or endowments. To provide for the development and implementaHon of innovaHve cultural and educaHonal offerings. To provide for conHnual improvement of library faciliHes and technologies. To enhance and enrich opportuniHes for library staff and services.

Batavia FoundaPon for EducaPonal Excellence - The Batavia FoundaHon for EducaHonal Excellence provides financial and other resources to the schools for enrichment programs and other projects aimed at enhancing the quality of educaHon and educaHonal opportuniHes for the students of Batavia Public Schools. Teacher grants and college scholarships are awarded on an annual basis.

Batavia Parks FoundaPon - The Batavia Parks FoundaHon exists to foster recreaHon and open space iniHaHves that enhance residents' quality of life. This is accomplished through stewardship for open space, parks, faciliHes, cultural acHviHes, and recreaHonal programs in support of the Batavia Park District .

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