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Time to Cleanse Your Closet!

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Time to Cleanse Your Closet!

 Every time there’s a change in seasons I have clients getting in touch with me to cleanse their closet and I have the urge to cleanse my own closet.  There’s nothing like the change in a season to give you a boost to do a necessary cleanse of your closet space, right?  Well, if you’re tackling this task on your own I encourage you to ask yourself my MUST ASK questions when cleansing your closet.  I live by these questions and ask my clients these questions when going through their closet with them.  Read on to find out the 7 must-know questions!

So, when cleansing out your own closet be sure to ask yourself the following questions (yes, you need to ask yourself these questions for EVERY piece of clothing in your closet):

1)  Does it fit my body (as it is)?  Yes, this means if something ‘used to fit’ or will fit when you ‘lose 5-10 more lbs’ it needs to find a place other than your main closet space.

2)  Do I feel confident in it?  If you don’t, it doesn’t deserve a place in your closet!

3)  Does it represent the style and image I want for myself?  If not, again it doesn’t deserve a space in your closet.

4)  When did I last wear this, and do I (really) see myself wearing it again?  If you haven’t worn it in at least 1 year, chances are you’re not going to wear it again.

5)  Is it damaged, stained, etc. beyond repair?  If they’re minor damages that can be repaired (and it fits all the other questions) then by all means have it repaired.

6)  Is it figure flattering?  You know what I’ll say if it isn’t!

7)  Would I buy it again if I were shopping right now?  Key question!  If you wouldn’t re-buy it… you know the answer!

Have you cleansed your closet yet this year?  If so, how did you feel after doing so? 

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