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9 Hacks from an Image Consultant

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9 Hacks from an Image Consultant

Being an Image Consultant, it’s often that I’m asked some ‘secrets’ or tips I can share with people I meet on a daily basis.

So, I decided to combine a few of my favorite {must-know} wardrobe hacks I think everyone should know about for their wardrobe.  Ready?  Here we go!

Define your Personal Style – It’s kind of like starting a business without a plan, if we don’t know have something to follow we end up confused and frustrated.  Know what your personal style is and what you want it be.  Are you creative?  Your style should represent that!  Choose at least 2 Style Profiles that resonate with you most to form a unique style.

Know your Body Shape & Best Features – Knowledge is power, right? Yes!  Know your shape {sans judgments} and embrace it.  Think about your best and/or favorite features, emphasize and highlight them.

Understand Proportion & How It Relates to Your Shape – I’ve found thinking of your body shape in terms of proportion makes it easier to grasp your shape.  For example, if you’re an ‘inverted triangle’ or bigger on the top to create a proportioned shape bring the attention to your bottom half.  It will visually ‘trick’ the eye and you will appear more evenly proportioned.

Have a Tailor in Your Phone! – A tailor/seamstress is a key resource for you to have in your wardrobe team.  I insist on all of my clients having a trusted tailor.  If something is just a little bit ‘off’ in the way it fits – that’s where your tailor comes in.  It’s truly amazing how a little tailoring can change the way a garment fits and, in turn, your appearance.

Transition Your Wardrobe with Layers – Layering is a key component to transitioning your wardrobe from season to season.  It’s rare that a person needs an ENTIRELY different wardrobe for winter and summer.  Layering allows you to bring spring/summer pieces into the fall and winter.

You Need a Versatile Foundation – Just like a house needs a solid foundation, we need a solid foundation wardrobe to build off of.  Start with your foundation pieces that you get the most wear from, if you’re missing some it’s time to make a list and set out on a mission.

Clothing Life-Span is Dependent Upon the Care – I’ve always been intrigued when I hear someone say “it’s going to fall apart, but it’s cheap anyways” when talking about the more inexpensive brand in clothing.  No matter what you invested into an article of clothing, if you have poor care techniques it won’t last you as long as it could.  Pay attention to the care instructions and follow them (really, follow them).  Generally, avoid high-heat when washing/drying clothes.  (That’s a bonus tip)

Cleanse Your Closet Regularly – I suggest cleansing your closet at least 2x per year.  I know it sounds like a lot, but we truly do accumulate a lot of stuff over time.  To keep up with your closet space it’s best to cleanse it through 2x per year.  It’s also helpful in case you’re missing (not seeing) certain items in your closet that get buried – when you go through and see what you have every so often it can sometimes be like you’re seeing your closet for the first time again.


Do you have any favorite ‘hacks’ for your wardrobe that you follow?  Share in the comments! 


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